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EPE School Council Executive Committee - 2023/2024

Chair -  Amanda Shand

Vice-Chair - Rebecca Milburn

Secretary - Danielle Rusk

Grizzlies’ Greatness

We all know that our  École Parc Élémentaire education team and community is second to none and we want to offer a way to celebrate all those little acts of greatness that can sometimes go unnoticed! 


This year we are launching Grizzlies' Greatness. This is your opportunity recognize those individuals who you think help make EPE special, welcoming, unique and an over great place to be!! So if you are thankful for the way that a staff member is always smiling and offering a kind welcome in the halls, that new teacher who is making their mark in our school with their energy and ideas or that EA who is making those valuable connections, we want to know about it.


To participate all you have to do is complete the form below- that's it! EPE school council will do the rest! A council member will take your comments place them in a card and deliver it to the staff member on your behalf!

Just click on the thumbs up button below to get started! 

École Parc goes blue for Diabetes

DRIFCan was our schools chosen charity this year driven by a few of our students who are challenged in a diabetic journey.  

We Did It Again 

We did it again!  Our fourth year hosting the Farm to School event and our fourth time delivering hundreds of pounds of fresh vegetables to the food bank.    A huge thank you to everyone who purchased vegetables for either their own family or donated to the food bank! We also delivered 751 pounds to the food bank, this will go a long way with the food hamper program!   Thank you again for making this a huge success for our school and our community.

School Council Successes

New Musical Instruments

Green Space Improvements on Playground

Yearly Student Agenda's

Gardening Club Equipment

Yearly Classroom Stipend Funding for Teachers

Holiday Treats for Students and Staff

Christmas Paper Bag Fairies

Ice Machine for Staff and Students

Classroom Literacy Materials

Yearly Classroom Stipend Funding for Teachers

Once a month EIPS brings together all the School Council Representatives and Division Board members to share what is happening across the Division, share best practices, resources, and discuss issues.  

Check out all the work we have done in improving our school yard to help our children learn and grow in a green, nature landscape.

Carnival is a French Canadian tradition that we honour at école parc.  Every March we celebrate, for a day, including winter games, bonhomme, and cabana sucre.  The school council helps by providing volunteers, and funding some of the treats for the kids.

École Parc élémentaire is the first school in Fort Saskatchewan to implement in- school composting.  With the help from The City of Fort Saskatchewan, our school is outfitted with kitchen catchers in each classroom and a weekly pick up of our city compost bin.  The school council uses Hot Lunch funds to maintain this program and support education for our students using small means to make a difference in our community and our environment.  
Grade 4 students, have formed a composting team that manages and cares for this program on a weekly basis.

Check out our Community Presence:


We believe that if we care for our staff they will care for our children.  We work hard to make our staff feel appreciated at our school.  Every year the school council budgets in $150 for each teacher to use as needed for the little extras to make their class a little more special for our children.  

We also work on teacher appreciation throughout the year including treats, catered lunches and dinners.  This year volunteer parents repurposed an old underused storage space and transformed it into a "Zen Den" for our hard working staff.  The space allows for a quiet moment in a busy work day. 

This year ACSA conference will be held in April and will be attended by one of our school council executive members.

Every year we try to encourage school pride by running a "Grizzly Gear" fundraiser, selling Ecole Parc clothing.  For the 2023 / 2024 school year we ran this fundraiser in the fall in order to allow some of those items to be placed under the tree for Christmas.   We love seeing the school pride worn in our school in all different colours of hoodies and t-shirts.

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